Falling for someone is not something that we have full control of. That is why we can’t force ourselves to unlike someone because the damage is already done. But we could try to be cautious and stay away from girls who have their own baggage, otherwise, you’ll be doomed for life. It is smart to never fall for the girl who just got out of a relationship.

#1: She Still Didn’t Fully Move On

You’ll basically be dating someone who didn’t fully move on from her last relationship. She might claim that she feels nothing towards her ex, but let’s be realistic here, she is probably convincing herself that by feeding her brain those thoughts. And once you two come across this douchebag, she’ll go back to being a cry baby.

#2: You Might be a Rebound

Rebound alert! All the signs she is giving you will direct you towards the ‘I am so in love with you’ kind of road, but believe me, all rebounds feel this way. She’ll love you so much that you won’t even believe yourself because it is too good to be true. But maybe that is the thing, it is not true because you are just a rebound. Damn!

#3: You’ll Always Come Second

She’ll always put herself first no matter what happens. Even if she loves you, cares for you and appreciates you, you’ll always come second. She’s been in this toxic relationship that took away her freedom, and guess what, she won’t be repeating the same mistakes twice. She wants to live for herself for once.

#4: Unresolved Issues

Even if she seems like she is not crazy, but at times she’ll be the craziest girl you’ll ever meet. She still has this baggage of unresolved issues, that need to be fixed. You are stuck with her and she might even depend on you to fix those issues, good luck pal.

#5: She Won’t Trust You Easily

Earning her trust will probably be even harder than having El Zamalek win Eldawry for two years in a row. You’ll spend lots of time trying to prove to her that you are worthy of her trust. May God bless your soul.

#6: She’ll Always Compare

Even if she doesn’t show you this, but she’ll always put you two in comparison with one another. The effort you put will always be compared to that her ex used to put. Who would want to feel this insecure about literally everything?

#7: She is Not Ready

Maybe you need to have this said clearly, but she is not ready. She will claim that she is ready because she feels ready, but at one point it will suddenly hit her and you’ll be the victim of this choice.

Give her enough time to move on, grow, develop herself, enjoy her solitude and be a better version of herself. Don’t rush into a relationship that will only hurt you both and make you grow further from love.