How often do you think about going on an extraordinary vacation in a new place? A place rarely anyone has been? Well, setting the traditional glamorous cities aside, here is a new list of places you could enjoy every month of the year!

Galle, Sri Lanka

Built by the Dutch in colonial times, Galle is a beach city, bountiful with colonial architecture, and marvelous art you must see!

Varnassi, India

One of the oldest most holy cities in India, Varnassi is the city located on the Ganges River. It is an overflow of Indian Culture and fantastic, colorful sights suitable for every season.

Tulum, Mexico

Resting on intriguing Mayan ruin, Tulum is Mexican beach paradise in Quintana Roo. it is not only a resort city, but also a historic one to explore in many ways.

Okinawa, Japan

Conforming to historical Japanese tradition, Okinawa is a city with many temples, sites and authentic Japanese architecture that visitors must see. Not only that, but Okinawa is known for its lavish beach resorts and its tropical weather, making it suitable for snorkeling at all times. If you’re into nature and history, Okinawa is the place to be for you!

José Ignacio, Uruguay

A go to getaway for many South American celebrities, José Ignacio is a majestic resort city known to be one of the most relaxing cities in South America.

Riga, Latvia

Ranked as the Capital of Culture in Latvia, Riga is the cheapest European city to visit exploring the best cultural experience there is.

Busan, South Korea

Busan is a secretive city, renowned for its art museums and pompous temples. It is a spectacle to see every day of the week. And, most especially on Buddha’s birthday.