Relationships are the real sh*t. Ok maybe not, but they’re something alright. And to many of us they can be quite a big deal. So if you’re one of those people who is always worried about how your relationship is going, read this article. We’re about to tell you what’s absolutely unnecessary/irrelevant in any relationship, so stick through!

1. Sharing the Same Interests and Hobbies

Some people constantly stress over how they have absolutely nothing in common with their potential boyfriend/girlfriend, but the truth is it doesn’t really matter. Being in a relationship automatically entails that you will find things that you both will enjoy, so don’t stress. The interests and hobbies will come eventually.

2. Your Parents’ and Friends’ Approval

Many times we convince ourselves that a relationship can’t possibly work if our friends and family aren’t on broad, but that’s not the case. Your parents’ and friends’ approval matters way less than you think in any relationship, especially since in many cases they get on board when they realize how committed you are.

3. Having the Same Goals

We get that a truly motivated person would only want to date someone who is as motivated as they are, but that should be it. You should be looking for someone who is ONLY motivated. You don’t get to dictate what he should be motivated about! And trust us, on the long run, you will learn to appreciate the change of air that your partner will constantly be bringing into your life.

4. His/Her Past Relationships

When we’re just starting to get into a relationship, people always advise to make sure that we know everything our future partner’s past. Newsflash: This is bogus! What’s past is literally in the past, so you might as well leave it there!

5. His/Her Physical Appearance (Height for instance)

We know you’re chocking at how ridiculous this point must be, but would you believe us if we told you that we personally know a few people who chose not to date someone that they REALLY REALLY like because they were shorter or taller! Stupid, isn’t it? Don’t worry, we’ll save you from the “what matters is what’s on the inside” pep talk.

6. Having Fights

Most people think that having many fights could ruin relationships, but who doesn’t fight really? Right? We fight with our family and friends and we still know them and love them dearly, don’t we? So what makes you think that this won’t be the case with your partner?

So what do you think, do you agree?