This Ramadan is just different, isn’t it? We know, we know—we say this about every passing Ramadan, but in this case, this fact is true in every shape and form. Usually a month marked by gatherings of families and friends, Ramadan is now a month best spent from home because of the current circumstances we all know too well.

But just because we can’t physically go out, it doesn’t mean we can’t bring all who we hold dear in, virtually. Just look at how Vodafone’s latest ad stressed on that!

If anything, we all know that Vodafone’s ad approach this Ramadan is different. Because of the heavily stressed social distancing and quarantine, there are no big, compelling group scenes like we’ve grown accustomed but that didn’t deter Vodafone.

In fact, it just made thinking out of the box even more fun! Gathering all of our favorite stars from Mohamed Henedy to Amir Eid to Mona Zaki to the legendary Mohamed Salah, the company sent them special sanitized cameras and gave them complete creative freedom in shooting and directing their own scenes from the comfort and safety of their own home.

So, what’s the end result? A lighthearted, fun advert that is both emotional and hits the core of our escapist fantasies. An ad that is both artistic and realistic, with the stars choosing to involve the people who matter most to them. And that includes us.

Because of this, it might not come as a surprise that we, the fans, have directly inspired Vodafone’s عزوتنا ملايين campaign. Yes, you read this correctly!

See, since we’ve been supporting and walking the line with all of these stars, they, alongside Vodafone, firmly thought that now was the time for them to entertain and support us during this extended home-stay, staying connected to us and allowing us to virtually peek into their homes despite the necessary distance.

Heavily stressing on the need for us to stay connected while staying at home, Vodafone went the extra mile and lit up Cairo’s sky with its trademark red glowing on the Cairo Tower alongside its logo and Ramadan slogan عزوتنا ملايين for the entirety of the first week of Ramadan.

So, there’s something else we want to mention here. Something we all know has been on your minds since the first day you’ve seen the ad. What did that part of the ad with Essad Younis mean?

Okay, so it’s all simple, really. It comes as no surprise, but we all know that the company’s Ramadan ads never aimed to be only promotional, especially when their messages are uplifting and inspiring in the light of current events.

In her scene, Essad Younis is having an important conversation with Dr. Ahmed El-Minawy, the person who initiated the manufacture of medical face protectors with special features intended to protect all medical staff from the constant infection risk they’re exposed to.

That serious conversation not only shows us exclusive news of new initiatives for the health sector during this worldwide battle against Coronavirus, but it also gives us the chance to share Vodafone’s announcement.

Always thinking of its people first, Vodafone is contributing and supporting this new initiative by donating five thousand medical face protectors to help all doctors and nurses maintain their health during their work at quarantine hospitals, enabling them to save the lives of even more Coronavirus patients.

In the end, Vodafone shows us what truly matters!