In every relationship, there comes the inevitable question of whether this person is right or wrong. Men tend to be more hesitant than women when choosing a partner. Here are some signs that will assure you that your partner is a keeper (That is if you are doing your part too)!

Doesn’t cry for attention

A woman that nags you all the time for attention is not a woman you want to spend the rest of your life with. Imagine hundreds of messages a day, phone calls and no matter what you do it’s never enough. A woman that has a fulfilled life and confidence will not need assurance all the time.

Keeps a secret/personal business

Nothing is more important than a partner that shares your deepest personal issues and secrets and manages to keep them for herself. Women are tempted to share information with their closest of friends but a real woman knows what can and can’t be shared.

Encourages you

This goes both ways for men and women; an encouraging partner is a great asset; because at the end of the day, your improvement is her improvement and vice versa! Your relationship can grow so much with a woman who is always there to support and motivate you.

You can laugh or cry together

Even though emotions don’t run high with men, but it’s important to be comfortable enough with her that you can cry as much as you can laugh with her! Being able to show your vulnerable side and not fear that you would be judged for being less of a man is a great attribute.

You have similar views of the future

You can’t expect a relationship to grow or a marriage to prosper without having similar views of how you both want your life to be. Not being on the same page can and will result in a lot of problems that you can easily avoid by knowing each other well and discussing your future.

Understanding & Mature

When looking for a life partner, finding a woman who you can “fight well” with is as important as anything else in a relationship. Not just that but also a mature and understanding person who can handle a conversation, solve problems or simply lend an ear to your troubles.