It’s no news that traveling in general is a must. When it comes to girls, the importance is doubled. However, it seems like the very word of “traveling” when paired with Egyptian girls in one sentence could spark a lot of debate.

Despite all the progress and enlightenment our society made over the span of the past 10 years, girls traveling alone remains till this very day somewhat of a taboo! Nevertheless, we think it’s pretty crucial for every Egyptian girl to travel alone at least once at some point in her life. And here’s why…

Road To Self Discovery

Traveling solo is an intimidating concept, even for veteran travelers who spent most of their lives backpacking around the world. Let alone, a girl from Egypt traveling solo. Who’s probably spent most of her life avoiding walking alone in the streets in fear that someone could catcall her. Nonetheless, it is a step you need to take, ladies.

Changing Your Concept of Love

If your heart has been broken recently or feel like you have the poorest choice in men in general, traveling alone is a surefire way to save your love life. The secret is, when you travel alone, you get a better idea of yourself and you gain emotional maturity. When you have that, you automatically develop a filtering system for the people you choose to have in your life.

Gaining or Losing Some Beliefs

In your physical and metaphorical journey of discovering the little person that has always lived inside of you, you might undergo some drastic change in beliefs. They don’t necessarily have to be all religious (like some people claim); social and sexual beliefs may also make the cut!

You Will Become Street Smart

We won’t sugarcoat this. You might get lost, robbed, harassed in any God given country just like in Egypt. But, the fact that you’re completely alone will help you develop street skills. And let’s face it, this will come very handy when you’re back in Cairo!

A Great Confidence Booster

You’ll become decisive, witty and practical. You’ll be quite mindful with finances and you’ll get to plan it all by yourself. In other words, you’ll have the “free will“, something lost on all of us girls in our society.

Traveling with friends or family is sure fun and all. Traveling solo, however, is something you girls don’t want miss. The amount of life skills and social intelligence you’ll get is immense! Just the fact that you’ll be used to adapting to changes and uncomfortable environments will leave you in no need for anyone’s input in your life. Go on, girls! Pack your bags, the world is literally waiting for you!