1. Always encourages you to do anything you want

2. Supports you whenever you need him 

3. Is a good listener 

4. Mature enough to be understanding 

5. Fights well with you and doesn’t hurt you to protect his ego

6. Plans his future according to how you see YOUR future too, not just to what he has planned for himself. 

7. He is not afraid to be vulnerable or emotional with you 

8. Cares about you having a life of your own, career, friends and will never stop in the way of it. 

9. Makes you feel beautiful even if you are looking your worst

10. Doesn’t put his sexual needs before yours and looks to please you 

11. No matter what happened in his past, he is honest about it.

12. Appreciates your quirks and the things you are normally embarrassed to be seen doing

13. You can LAUGH with him 

14. Your safety net if you ever fall 

15. Kind and gentle 

16. Wants to build a life with you 

17. He is responsible and dependable

18. He is willing to take care of you when you’re sick even if it means he gets sick too

19. Always tries to improve himself and be better for you 

20. A real gentleman, not the holding the door crap but takes care of you and is gentle with you

21. Makes the effort to work on things that annoy you

22. Finds interest in whatever it is that excites you

23. Your family loves him and he loves them! 

24. He can’t imagine his life without you

25. You can’t imagine your life without him

26. He allows you to be the best you can be