Want to challenge your brain? Here are a few brain teasers that will leave you scratching your head. So, how smart do you think you are? You can find the solutions at the end of the article, but don’t cheat! They are much easier than you think.

1. What is the number under the car?

2. Where is the spirit?

3. Was this a murder or a suicide?

4. Who is who?

A man hops in a microbus and casually makes his wife sit next to the driver. The people on the bus look at him in surprise, and ask him: “Why would you let your wife sit next to the driver?” to which the man replies: “The brother of the driver’s wife is my wife’s uncle.”

What is the relationship between the driver and the man’s wife?

5. Where is the dog?

6. Add 2 matches to correct the equation 



1. Turn the picture upside down and read the numbers from left to right- the answer is 87.

2. Remember that 3 of the inscriptions should be false and 1 is true. The answer is behind Door D. If the spirit is behind Door A, then both B and D are true. If the spirit is behind door B then both A and D are true. If the spirit is behind Door C, then A, C and D are all true. The spirit has to be behind Door D because therefore all the doors would be false, except for that on Door B (to match the rule that you have to have 3 false statements and 1 true).

3. It was a murder because the pen, soda and cigarette are on the left side, meaning she is left-handed yet the gun is in her right hand. If she had dropped to the floor, then the cigarette couldn’t have possibly stayed intact between her fingers (meaning someone placed it there).

4. The driver is the father of the man’s wife. If the driver’s wife’s brother is the man’s wife’s uncle, then the driver’s wife should be the man’s wife’s mother. Making the driver the man’s wife’s father.


6. 9-0 = 9