Sometimes we put ourselves in a situation where we ignore the elephant in the room and then address it when we absolutely have no choice.

Her name is Haya and she fell completely in love with Sherif. They were high school sweethearts, and no one really questioned their relationship because they were the ultimate definition of two peas in a pod.

She was his female version and he was her male version. They have the kind of love that is so deep, so strong and so intense that it puts all their previous relationships in a different basket. They had this thing where he would lightly brush his fingers across her face with his eyes closed.

“If I were blind, Id still be able to find you in the midst of 100 people…”

She would surprise him and cook him breakfast at his house. She would make sure that he remembered his most important appointments. Hugging him would bring her so much comfort, like she’d just melted in his arms. They had so many inside jokes that a quick glance would be enough to send them into a laughing frenzy. He loved her so much that describing how he felt would always be an understatement.

It just couldn’t get better than this… Except that it really couldn’t get any better.

They stayed for a total of 8 years together, and they were the best 8 years in their lives. Sherif loved her with all his heart and his plans to marry her were crystal clear. So clear that on a normal day, with just the two of them hanging out… He looked at her with tears building up in his eyes…

“Your world and my world collided for a reason despite being from different backgrounds,” he started. “I’ve never been so in love in my life. I just want to be with you forever that’s all. That’s all I want.”

She heard these words before during their 8-year relationship. But this time it felt different; this time her heart tightened in her chest. He’s asking her to marry him… For a very brief moment she let one tear crawl its way down her cheek. She wanted to pour everything out and tell him. Tell him that she doesn’t want anything else in the world. He is hers and she is his. That’s it. Done.

But she didn’t utter a word. Because she knew that if her parents found out she was dating a Muslim, all hell would break loose. She already ran the idea by her parents in the past, just to test the waters. Big mistake. The only way they would accept this relationship is if her boyfriend gets baptized or else her marriage would not be legitimate.

He didn’t have a problem marrying her; his family loved her. But her family was too difficult. For the first time in 8 years, she had to make a choice. She knew that it would be devastating to suddenly stop everything once and for all. But they made a pact that they would gradually fade out from each other’s lives until they become mere memories.

“I will always love you… when you succeed in your life, in your career, when you become a husband and a father. I will love you because you deserve to be loved. And I hope that the next person you love, will carry you to the top just like you did to me.”