Miley cyrus celebrity

The Miley Cyrus sex tape has been causing a storm of controversy around the young star. Miley has been under the spotlight for her behaviour the past year as she made the transition from a young Hannah to a grown woman. 

We had to get to the bottom of the story and did our own research on the hot news. 

Once we found the video we were SHOCKED! The Miley Cyrus sex tape was true and we couldn’t believe our eyes till we pressed PLAY.

Apparently the video that has been circling around is not of MILEY but of a look-alike! The porn industry has been known to ride the fame trail of celebrities and attract fans by doing a look-alike role play porn video. The video shows a closely similar looking girl walking to her dressing room amidst the screaming fans and paparazzi (In what looks like a scene imagining her after the raunchy performance with Robin Thicke).

She goes into her dressing room and then after many admiration look sin the mirror, a Robin Thicke look alike joins her and well… you know how the story goes.

There you have it folks! Miley Cyrus is innocent of the sex tape rumour and is scandal free.