Spoiler alert: ugly-chic clothes are the new trend. We’re still not even halfway through the year but fashionย and footwear designers have already been championing the idea that weird and ugly are the new cool. And it’s why ugly shoes and weird clothes have been trending really hard for Spring 2017. Here are some of the most WTF fashion moments of 2017 that had us thinking “what”, “how” and “why” with our mouths open! Consider yourself warned.ย 

1- Phone Case Bags

Apparently, phone case bags are making a huge comeback this year, that is according to Vogue and Glamour! Purses that literally only hold your phone are going to be this year’s BIGGESTย purse trend. Talk about irony! But seriously though, I thought the early 2000s marked the beginning and end of this trend!

2- See Thru Jeans

One of our ultimate favorite denim stores, TOPSHOP, has launched a very unorthodox pair of “jeans” but the twist is that it’s not even made of denim, but made out of see-through plastic. Yes, you heard it; P-L-A-S-T-I-C.

3- Insanely Long Sleeves

Seen at Vetements’, at Marni’s, at Loewe’s, at Dior’s and atย Chloรฉโ€™s shows, it seems that we should say goodbye to practicality. With sleeves being this insanely long, using our hands will be a thing of the past. And it looks like the new trend for avant-garde sleeves is extra-large and extra-long. But we shouldn’t be THAT surprised though, because since when does fashion care about being practical?

4- Two Faced Shoes (Hood by Air, Spring 2017)ย 

As if it wasn’t hard enough for us sometimes to know which pair is right and which one’s left! Stop making life harder than it should be for us, please.

5- Clear-knee Mom Jeans

Before they launched the see thru plastic jeans, TOPSHOP shocked us earlier this year when they introduced their bonkers “clear knee mum jeans” which has plastic patches at the knees. Everyone was talking about it as it quickly went viral due to its unusualness. The semi-transparent trousers got a lot of criticism from people, but TOPSHOP didn’t care and went on to launch their completely transparent “jeans” afterwards.

6- Laundry Bag

This is a picture from Milan Fashion Week, Fall 2017. Are you as excited as we are? You don’t need to go shopping anymore, for now you can just send a bunch of laundry to the dry cleaning and wear the bag they come in. Ta-da! You’ve got yourself a new outfit. You’re welcome.

7- BULLDOZER Shoes (Gucci, Spring 2017)

But this one of a kind bulldozer comes trenched in gold and flowers. Yeah, we don’t really know what to say either.