One of the worst traits that you can find in a man is being cheap/stingy aka ba5il. Not only because you’ll have to suffer for eternity with his spending habits, but also at times, you will feel like ‘Ya ard ensha2i we ebla3ini‘ when you are put in certain situations in public.

And yes, when we like a person, we try to convince ourselves that they are great even if they are not.

So to make this process easier, here are 11 sure signs that prove he is cheap and needs to be let go of!

#1: He Talks About Money A LOT

Sometimes you feel like he loves money more than he loves you and then you call yourself stupid for thinking this way. Trust your gut feeling for once, because seeing a man’s eyes glow over money is a bit weird! It is like you two are talking about his ex, but in this case, it is money!

#2: He Complains About Your Spending Habits ALL the Time

Even though you are not a person who spends much, he believes that you are a heavy spender. Just because you do your nails at the nail salon or buy this new jewelry set, he thinks that you are an overspender. He asks you questions like ‘Why do you spend money on food, parking, sayes or even as tips’. It is pretty cheap if you ask me!

#3: He Always Has an Excuse for Not Having Enough Cash

One time he told you that he forgot his wallet, the other night he said that he spent all his salary and the week earlier he told you that he lost his money. So when does he actually get to spend his damn money when he never has any? Reality check: He is a liar and stingy. Double trouble!

#4: He Calls Himself ‘7arees’

When you are trying to point out that he is a bit tight when it comes to spending money, but he always replies with ‘Ana 7arees msh ba5il‘. But you know the answer to this question!

#5: Price Tags are What Matters

Before deciding on buying an item whether it is a piece of chocolate or basic shirt or even a meal at a restaurant, the first thing he does is check the tags. Of course, we all do check the tags. But only to confirm that we’re not buying a shirt for 1 million pounds.

#6: Cheap Dates Are His Thing

You can’t say that he doesn’t take you out on dates, because he does, but they are always cheap dates. He takes you out for coffee dates even though you are not a person who likes coffee at all. But going on fancy dates is a rare thing on very rare occasions, and probably he will choose the cheapest thing on the menu!

#7: He Eats Before He Comes

Who eats before coming to a lunch outing? I mean, if we all planned to have lunch together, why would someone eat at home? He always does that and it is very annoying!

#8: He Lets You Pay Almost Every Single Time

Of course, guys are not obligated to get the check at all, but out of etiquette, they do so at least for the first couple of dates. But this dude knows no etiquette because you split almost everything. And even when you buy ice cream that costs around 10 pounds, he lets you pay for it.

#9: He Always Assumes That You’ll Share All Your Money

Suddenly you’d find him asking about your salary and starts discussing how you both will share your salaries without you having to offer. Isn’t this a bit creepy?

#10: He Won’t Pay for Parking

Of course, the parking money is money wasted. But sometimes you have to park there because there are no nearby parking spots. But this dude is creative enough to park his car 15 minutes away even if it is during hot summer weather. He just wants to avoid paying those 10 pounds.

#11: Gifts are not His Thing

Even though you do shower him with gifts, but this dude doesn’t find it weird at all to not get you gifts. and when he is generous enough to gift you, it is probably a two flower bouquet or even a couple of chocolate bars that are about to expire.

If you sense that the guy you are dating is a bit cheap, then my dear lady let him go. Because you deserve someone who is as generous as you are!