Since forever, CloseUp has been doing us more favors than we know. Apart from keeping our teeth in check and blessing us with 12 hours of fresh breath, they have also been indirectly helping us when it comes to love.
Everyone knows that if you have a killer smile, you’re bound to have a glitch-free day in the romance department. But now they have taken it upon themselves to come up with a genius campaign that bestows relationship wisdom on all of us. They took to the street and asked passersby about techniques that have worked on their target and about techniques that have hit the wall. Here’s what’s what. 

1- If you want to get out of the friendzone, get the girl pizza

Italy is the homeland of Pizza and Italians always seem to be all lovey-dovey with everyone. Paris may be dubbed as the city of love, but Italy is the land of love. And it’s always better to fall in love in a land than a city anyway. I got off point, sorry. Just bring pizza on the table!

2- If you’re trying to win a girl’s heart, don’t talk too much about yourself

If you talk about yourself all night and leave her no space or time to share what’s on her mind, you might as well save time and friendzone yourself.

3- Know the person before you try to make a move 

Not everyone will respond in the same way to your flirting so you got to know who you’re dealing with before you take any steps. Maybe he likes short hair, so you can’t go about flipping your long gorgeous hair around to get his attention. Or maybe she doesn’t like it when you are all over her and TOO obvious and wants you to play the chase game for a while. So, the key is to know when to go personal.

4- Be Confident

Every girl will tell ya that she likes a confident guy; someone who is not afraid to speak up or let her know how he feels.

5- You must definitely brush your teeth (using CloseUp)

Remember when Atef and Enshera7 shared this tender moment of blowing Koshary in each other’s faces? This is pretty much like it. No guy or girl you have a crush on will think of you the way you’d like them to if you happen to have horrible breath.

6- Don’t be all over them and have a separate life

Do your best and try to leave some things to imagination. Don’t give too much too fast because in the long run, that will bore whoever you’re trying to impress.

7- If you’re gonna flex your muscles, do it for a reason 

Nobody likes a showoff but if you have something worth showing off, do it humbly and never excessively.

8- Don’t rush things and tell them you love them right away

Nobody loves their crush quickly and if you do, then your crush will know right away that you’re an emotionally vulnerable person who falls in love too fast and therefore naturally, falls out of love too fast as well.

9- Winter is the season of love because when she’s cold, you give her your jacket 

It’s the oldest story in the book but still relevant to this day. A girl will swoon if you give her your jacket when it’s cold. Fashion brands have made millions using this to their advantage with all the boyfriend jeans and boyfriend sweaters.

10- Compliment them on things other than their looks 

Telling a girl she’s pretty or a guy that he’s handsome is a nice way to get the conversation going, but it’s not gonna make it last for long. Notice aspects and quirks in their personalities as well. Like them for who they are!


The key to anything in life is communication and communication starts and ends with listening well. If you actually listen to what they have to say, you will know how to insert yourself into their lives without them even noticing.

12- If you’re torn between making a move or standing still, make a move

Maybe now you’re discouraged to say or do anything to let the person you like know that you like them, but silence is not the answer either. If it happens that you got turned down or the night didn’t go as planned, it’s definitely still better than if you didn’t try at all.
Then again, whether khayesht or you got lucky, it won’t matter if your teeth ain’t white and your breath ain’t fresh! Now, go brush your teeth. And don’t forget to watch the awesome video of CloseUp’s campaign.
Leave us in the comments section the flirting techniques that have worked for you in the past and the techniques that left your crush running the other way! Sharing is caring, after all.