Online Games

Every once in a while, you’ll find something becoming insanely popular out of nowhere. You might be surprised, but you still know how this happened, generally-speaking. The people would just decide that this one thing was too good to go undiscussed.

And that is, in a nutshell, how some games just get popular overnight like that! Yes, including these 4 games that suddenly everyone and their grandmother are playing now!

Among Us

Chances are you’ve seen these Teletubbies-looking people all over the internet these days, right? You might be even thinking “those out of context meme pages are just doing too much”, but honestly, you don’t know what you’re missing out on.

This is every murder mystery lover’s dream here, plot twists and subtle manipulation and all. And the best part is always, always the reveal…well, and the memes, of course!

PUBG Mobile

You might remember the moment when PUBG suddenly broke out like a viral pop sensation vividly. Or actually you might not. But you must certainly remember how overnight every person in Egypt downloaded this game and started getting super competitive!

Connection issues aside (that’s just an Egyptian internet problem, really), PUBG truly lifted the multiplayer online games to a new height.

Ludo All Star

Okay, so this one hasn’t reached the same viral status as Among Us and PUBG, but Ludo has always been one of the games everyone knows and love-hates. And the online version brings out more of those feelings.

See, it’s kind of very similar to Uno in the ways that it would make you absolutely cut ties with people if you get too competitive. That’s the best part about online playing this one — you get to fight with strangers too!

Call of Duty

There’s something just so sentimental about playing Call of Duty on mobile, isn’t there? Maybe it’s the rush of all the middle and high school memories you might have associated with the game (it’s certainly what makes it popular now), but one thing is going to be certain — you’ll have a blast anyway. Literally.

Talk about an odd cultural phenomenon!