Ugly shoe trends that deserve a public hanging

If you clicked this article you probably have an idea of what we’re going to tackle here. No, not just Crocs guys.. Apparently there’s a whole genre of ugly shoes that slipped into our lives somehow and managed to stay around for at least a season of fashion. Here are 5 of the most hideous footwear trends that hit the market:

The famous CROCS: Being “comfortable” isn’t argumentative. Tidy whites are comfortable guys, but you don’t see us sporting these to the club do you now?!



The crooked, fake UGG: It’s just not right.. It doesn’t look healthy either. I’m not saying that all UGGS are bad, but nowadays most of them are.




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Sandal- socks combo: Unless you’re going on a cruise to Belize and hitting 60 soon, don’t do it.

sandal socks


El-shebsheb el O2: The only use for this Egyptian made genius slipper is when you’re throwing it at your kids to study. Other than that, please tuck it far farrrr away under your bed.



Clogs: AKA el2ob2ab… It’s one thing to wear Birkenstocks (which is actually a personal favorite) but a whole other thing to wear these. And don’t even think about pairing them with socks!


Life is too short to wear ugly shoes… Ask Cinderella, after all, she bagged her prince with a pair of glass slippers…