Family movie nights are always fun and all. Well, they are until a controversial movie is on and things get pretty uncomfortable. We mean, no one wants to sit around their mom and dad in front of a movie with a lot of graphic scenes. Yet somehow, we’ve all been in that situation. Here are some of these movies!

Khyana Mashroaa

If you ever had that one on with your parents around, you’ll know what we’re referring to, what with all the incest and infidelity. Most of Khaled Youssef’s films are actually somewhat of a family taboo!

El Rayes Omar Harb

It was a good movie and late Khaled Saleh was just GENIUS. But, honestly the sex scenes (with Somia El Khashab and Ghada Abdel Razik) were just too graphic to the point they were even morbid.

Film Sakafy

Do we even have to explain why?

Bel Alwan El Tabeya

A movie about a bunch of mischievous art students still experiencing adult life with all its complications. Plain awkward!

Omaret Yacoubian

Sexuality is, obviously, not foreign to Egyptian movies. HOWEVER, homosexuality is a different story. And, that’s why Omaret Yacoubian was and will always be off the list of movies you could watch at home.

So, what were some forbidden movies in your homes?