Nadia El-Gendy

So, you might be a little suspicious once you’ve read this title. If anything, when you think of Nadia El-Gendy, you probably think of all the over the top spy movies she’s done and the fact that she’s almost an honorary guerilla fighter at this point.

But you know what? All this fighting experience (from the movie world and, well, we imagine the real world as well) kind of makes Nadia El-Gendy a little more than Egypt’s first female action star.

It makes her our very own superhero — a bit like the United States’ Captain America! And these 5 movies are proof!


Yes, ladies and gents, one of Nadia El-Gendy’s first-ever speaking roles was an Algerian freedom fighter in Youssef Chahine’s Jamila.

She quite literally hit the ground running, fighting against the French colonization. And isn’t that every superhero’s origin story?


El-Erhab is one of the more iconic One-Woman-Army Nadia El-Gendy movies and for a good reason. Remember how her first film was the origin story?

Well, this is her Naive Superhero Learns People Are Bad arc. See, in this movie, she meets Farouk El-Fishawy who lies to her about leaving his terrorist ties behind until she has to bring him to justice.

Mohema Fi Tal Abeeb

Ah yes, the classic Superhero/Antihero Arc. You really don’t need to think about this one twice. In this movie, Nadia (renowned superhero) makes a dark turn and becomes a spy for a colonialist force.

And then she sees her errors and becomes a double agent, working for Egypt to bring down the enemy. Classic subterfuge.

Emra2a Hazat 3arsh Masr

Before you say anything, you must be thinking that a movie about Nadia El-Gendy seducing King Farouk is weird and shouldn’t be on the list. We agree with the weird part, but it’s still a part of our Superhero Narrative.

See, when you read it as an undercover mission, everything becomes super clear. And not only that; this must be an undercover mission that comes with a degree of time-travel too!

48 Sa3a Fi Israel

So, this is movie that will round up the NGCU (Nadia El-Gendy Cinematic Universe) for us. We know, we know. This one feels like a Rookie Spy movie but hear us out…

This is the story of Superhero Nadia coming out of her “retirement” to rescue her brother after he falls into a scheme he never saw coming.

Maybe we are making mountains out of molehills here but, come on, this is the gift that keeps on giving!

Captain America? More like Captain Nadia!