Birthday Party

Birthdays are a happy occasion, one that should be celebrated and remembered. We all want our birthday party to feel special. But as much as we look forward to it every year, we can’t help but fear the inevitable moment at the end of the night when we have to clean out our wallets or max out our credit card paying for the “special night”. It kinda takes the fun out of it, don’t you think?
This is why we have compiled for you a list of the best places in Cairo where you can throw a very special birthday party without severely injuring your bank account. Consider it our birthday present.

1. Sha2et Garden City

This bookstore and cafe has managed to master the hard equation of friendliness and class. Located in the heart of Cairo, Sha2et Garden City represents the perfect location for a cozy afternoon birthday party with your closest friends. As for the birthday pictures, their themed rooms and uniquely decorated walls will be the perfect background for you to make some life-long memories.

As for their prices; they only charge 40 pounds for the service of the cake, and they even let you decorate without charging you extra for the room.

Location: 2 Ethad El Mohameen El Arab Street, Garden City.

2. Stage Elzamalek

There is no place like home, except maybe Stage Elzamalek which feels just like home with some awesome Karaoke privileges. This vintage yet hip art and music hub represents a home away from home for most of its visitors. This is thanks to its friendly staff, cozy atmosphere, and artistic outlook which steal the heart of its visitors at first sight. Not to mention its very reasonable prices; they charge 50 pounds per person for the entire day including 2 drinks of your choice.

As for the birthday, they charge 100 pounds for the service of the cake and in return give you full Karaoke privileges so you can jam out to your favorite songs with your friends on their very vintage very awesome stage.

Location: 15 Ahmed Heshmat, Mohammed Mazhar, Zamalek.

3. Alrab3 Cafe 

In case you’re in the mood for some oriental, Arab nights-like fun, look no further! Alrab3 cafe is the place for your next birthday party. As you can see their one of kind decorations set the perfect mood for a very cozy, very unique night out with friends.

And as for their prices, their youth-friendly policy made them the go to place when you and your friends are about to go broke. Why? They only charge 25 pounds per person including a drink and 100 pounds for the cake service which is optional. Happy birthday indeed, ha?

4. Hawas Book Cafe

Because everyone deserves to feel extra special on their birthday, Hawas Book Cafe has dedicated a room just for birthday parties. It has festive decorations, balloons and a stereo set up so you can play and dance to your favorite birthday tunes with your friends.

All of this is for 15 pounds an hour per person + a drink. They don’t charge extra money for the room. You only need to pay 100 pounds for room reservation before the party, which they reimburse after the party.

Talk about a Happy Birthday!  

Location: 133 Abdulaziz Al Saud, Al Manial.

5. Koshk Lounge

Stop the search party, we found the place for your birthday party (no pun intended)! Whether it’s their oriental unique decorations, delicious food and drinks, very reasonable prices or festive atmosphere; Koshk Lounge is basically the perfect spot to throw the birthday party of a lifetime without going completely broke.

Why? They only charge 60 pounds per person for the entire day, covering the pasta of your choice and a soda drink. They also give you full control over the playlist so you can enjoy the birthday music with your friends.

Location: 34 Nabil El-Wakkad Street, Al Golf, Nasr City.

At last, we wish you nothing but a happy and a budget-friendly birthday, and many more returns of the day.