What happens when you realize that you’re forcing yourself to be with someone who isn’t right for you? You’re in a relationship for the wrong reasons and the only things convincing you to stay are your family or common friends, attraction, lust, unrealistic expectations and dependency. Like we said, all the wrong reasons.

Love comes in levels and if you experience some of these signs, then you might rethink your relationship.

1. You Can’t Stand Him/Her 

The littlest thing, like the sound of her voice or the way he eats his sandwich, annoys you.  When she holds your hand or when he doesn’t hold your hand. You are always criticizing him, maybe that ought to fix him. The things that wouldn’t usually irritate you seem to be driving you nuts.

2. You Avoid Her/Him As Much As You Can 

“Too tired to do anything”, “going to the gym”, “plans with friends”, “helping my parents out with something” seem to be your go-to phrases whenever your partner asks you out. Yes, you would rather chill in your PJs at home watching TV than seeing your boyfriend/girlfriend. You need your space.

3. You Just Don’t Miss Them

When the only reason you’re calling him is because you haven’t called him in the past 5 hours, and it’s only right to do so. You do things because you have to, not because you want to. He only pops up on your mind when he calls or texts, other than that, he’s not really in the picture.

4. He’s a Burden 

You are having a hard time being yourself around him. Especially in outings you are less comfortable and less confident. Mingling with friends becomes more important than hanging out with him. And that my friend, is one of the biggest red flags.

5. Romance Turns You Off

His romantic moves do not impress you at all, in fact you think he’s trying too hard and that’s a huge turn off for you. You force out a smile, but you know deep inside that it’s cheesy and totally ovarrr awi ya3ni.

6. Nothing is Fun

Whether it’s an over the top date like sunbathing by the most beautiful ocean or just hanging out together watching a movie, nothing seems to be fazing you- everything is just meh.


7. Reasons To Break Up

You’ve already thought about possible reasons to end the relationship. Things might be going really well that you can’t seem to find “breaking points”, so you pin it on his personality or the mere fact that there is no chemistry, or maybe that he isn’t really your type. But this relationship has to end.

It is always great to have someone around that cares about you, but love comes in levels like we said earlier. You don’t love your friends the same way you love your parents, and you don’t love your parents the same way you love your partner.

It’s a complicated circle. You can go through difficult times and it’s fine if you can’t stand your other half- the problem is if those shutting out feelings are persistent. That’s when you need to re-evaluate your relationship as a whole and ask yourself, is it worth it?