Every single year Egyptians face the dilemma of not knowing what type of desserts to take with them to their 3ozoma. So eventually everyone ends up getting Konafa bel Mango, even though there are lots of other more or equally tasty desserts.

This year, we decided to list all the possible delicious desserts that you could take with you.

#1: Konafa With Strawberries From Thomas

Remember when Konafa with mango started to be a thing. We were all weirded out a little bit thinking that it is insane to mix konafa and strawberries. This is the new Konafa bel mango. Strawberries are amazing with this cream in between. YUM YUM!

#2: Konafa Lotus From Nola

This is literally heaven on mother earth disguised in the form of food. Creativity at its best. You feel like you want to eat all of this alone, but unfortunately, you can’t because halfway through you are in a food coma.

#3: Konafa Volcano From Nola

This is one of Nola’s best options in Ramadan, especially for chocolate lovers. Konafa and chocolate together are now a regular thing and we can’t deny that.

#4: Choux aux Dates From Sale Sucre

Dates are always people’s favorite thing in Ramadan. Who said that you would only want to eat dates to break your fast and not also during dessert time? A M A Z I N G.

#5: Red Velvet Basbousa From Sale Sucre

For red velvet lovers, this is definitely for you. Yes right after you finish eating one small serving, you feel like you are pregnant with twins, but it is absolutely okay. You’ll get over it in a couple of hours.

#6: Profiterole From Sale Sucre

This is if you dislike all the konafa and the basbousa kind of desserts and want nothing to do with Ramadan. It is definitely loved by the majority, especially kids, because what type of person wouldn’t like chocolate?

Let’s hope we don’t gain weight this Ramadan because of all the tasty food out there!