One piece of clothing that is highly underrated is definitely your pants. People don’t understand the variations between all the different types of pants every girl needs and how only ONE pair of  them can’t do the trick.

If you want to always look stunning, then your wardrobe needs to at least have the following pairs.


Dark Skinny Jeans

1. Skinny Jeans

It is a no brainer to own at least one of these; it looks good with almost everything.

Whether you are running errands, going out with your friends or dressing up for a nice dinner; this is your perfect pair. Invest in a nice pair that flatters your figure.

Boyfriend Jeans

2. Boyfriend Jeans

Sometimes you need the comfort of these babies, and yes I am talking about the jeans!

You can find different shades and styles that suit your taste. They are more of casual jeans, but they look amazing when styled correctly.


3. Leggings

They come in different shapes, styles and colors. The basic black chic ones are essential for that sexy look.

What’s amazing about this pair is that they are very comfy and suitable for a fancy date without having to feel uncomfortable.

Office Appropriate Pants

4. Office Pants

For all the working ladies, this pair will be your best friend for your entire career.

You’ll find different patterns with different cuts, so don’t worry you won’t be wearing the same pair for eternity. Glamour them by wearing pumps that match and voilà!

Sweat Pants

5. Sweat pants

Even if you don’t frequently go to the gym, you can’t live without owning at least a pair of these.

If you are going grocery shopping and you’re too lazy to dress up, then these are your go to pants. Of course going to the gym is now a bonus, because you need to show off your new pair.

Flared Pants

6. Flared Pants

This pair can do magic to your figure, only if you wear them in the right kind of way.

Choose a cut that suits your body type and maybe try them on with heels; you’ll be surprised!Your legs will seem longer and leaner while looking sophisticated.

Bold Print Pants

7. Bold Pants

Every lady has a personality of her own, and one way to reveal it to the world is through her outfits. Choose a pair of pants that resemble your personality and be confident about it.

If you want to follow what’s trendy, then try looking for floral jeans or those that are covered with paint or stickers.