makeup challenges
To you lovely Youtube bingers, there’s nothing better than moving from one dark corner of Youtube to the next. If you’re bored of watching makeup tutorials and hauls of products you’re too broke to purchase, you can watch some of the funniest and most entertaining makeup challenges on Youtube and still learn a few makeup tricks in the process. 

1- No-Mirror Makeup 

It’s hard enough WITH a mirror, imagine how tough it’d be without one. Especially that winged liner!

Check out Kathleen Lights’ attempt – she slayed.


2- Using Children’s Makeup Only

Back in the day, children’s makeup was so basic, but now they’ve seriously upgraded. Nikkie ended up looking like she came right outta a Disney movie.

3- Makeup Under $20 (and some did $10) 

My personal favourite makeup videos are those that show me I can slay without breaking the bank. There are so many Makeup Under $20 or $10, and even Dollar Store Makeup Challenges that show you affordable makeup is still pretty great.

4- Clown Contouring Challenge

Can you make yourself look like a clown, and then a goddess in just a few minutes?

5- One-Product Makeup 

They are kinda cheating because it doesn’t include foundation, bronzer and blush, but imagine using only ONE product for your eyes, brows and lips, and still look amazing.

6- Boyfriend/ Husband/ Dad Makeup Tag

The funniest hands down. It’s almost heart-warming seeing the boyfriends, husbands or fathers clammer to discover what product does what, and still failing.

7- 5-Minute Makeup Challenge

Or 3-minutes, depending on how dangerously you’d like to live. And Nikkie clearly loves the dangerous life.

8- No Brush Challenge

Now that’s taking it too far, isn’t it?! But hey, nothing’s impossible if you make use of those fingers.

Which ones can you do? We challenge you to try it out too.