School Supplies
source: Harameya Fi KG2

With the start of a new school year, we’re all getting ready to familiarize ourselves with the old routine. The hectic traffic, the tutor ads everywhere, and, of course, the parents’ annual complaints about the school supply list.

parents and supply lists

The last of these may not seem like much to complain about, but once you find out what it truly entails, well, you’ll understand.

Parents Versus Supplies

Even though we all know parents aren’t having it with supplies, we may not get it. Why not just buy your child the few school supplies they need?

Well, the problem here is that those supplies aren’t really a “few” and some items are actually a little bizarre for a kid to own. Case in point, the few examples presented here.

school supplies

school supplies

school supplies
a supply list for nursery school

Supply lists like these are very demanding, with some schools even asking for specific brands to ensure you’re getting them exactly what they want.

For what, exactly? We can’t really be sure, but then again the schools are pretty adamant about elementary school kids needing sketches Fine Arts students use, so maybe they see a point we don’t so far.

school supplies

Sometimes, supply lists are a bit vague, but even if you end up understanding what the list wants, you’re in for a shock.

Sometimes, most of these supplies may not be used anyway and, in some cases, you will receive them againย atย the end of the school year.

Either way, you’ll always be thinking if that shopping trip before school was a part of real life or just a surreal dream you’ve once had.

Parents, Don’t Be Discouraged

Although the supply list circle seems like a situation where you’re not going to win either way, there’s still a way to beat the system. Not substantially, but enough to feel like you won a small victory.

You can always try websites, like Faggala, to save time, energy, and (sometimes) money.

This way, you’ll ensure both good supplies and you won’t spend all of the week leading to school scrambling all over yourself trying to find good items and good deals.

Schools exaggerate a lot with their supply list, as we all see, and that will change one day, hopefully.

Sure, they may want the best for the kids but maybe a compromise between them and the parents will pave a better road for the future. At least, this way we’ll all know that this isn’t just a scam, as some parents generally think.

For the time being, though, we’ll deal with it and we’ll purge everything through humor. The all-Egyptian way.