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Born in Alexandria, Dalia Sadany is an award-winning architect and product designer with more than 20 years experience in interior design, landscaping and contracting. We appreciate talented Egyptian women, and this one in specific made us super proud. We took a moment to find out more about her long successful journey.

Before going private in 2006, she worked for a prominent architecture firm before heading the technical department of one of the largest real estate developers in Egypt and the Middle East, working on luxury hospitality and mix-use community projects.

Dalia Sadany has been a lifelong advocate of the ancient master builder approach to construction where the architect is responsible for the entire project from concept design through to construction and handover. Following in the tradition of the master builder in 2006, she developed a group of partnerships operating under the umbrella of Dezines and her own management, providing full service design-build turnkey solutions to residential and commercial clients.

In 2013 she founded the Future of Young Egyptians (FYE) initiative providing career building advice to undergraduate architecture and design university students.  She lectured over 5000 students at Alexandria and Port Said universities as part of the initiative. She plans to visit several universities in 2015 and increase her audience to include other academic departments. She also founded Building the New Egypt initiative aimed at spreading awareness of the importance of design in enhancing society as well as develop projects that contribute to improving Egypt’s architectural design landscape.

Dalia Sadany is a versatile designer winning 11 international design awards in various fields of design over a period of 3 years, including architecture, interior design, urban planning, landscaping, building structures, public furniture, futuristic design, furniture, crafts and lighting products. Five of the winning designs were inspired by the Egyptian heritage. Her favored designs receiving the most significant media coverage were the Tahrir square urban renewals project as well as Brieven Square, a conceptual design for pedestrian piazzas in Cairo. In2014, she ranked 12th at the World Designer, the number one design competition worldwide.

Because of her rankings and initiatives in 2014, she was elected President of the International Association of Designers (IAD) headquartered in Como, Italy. Her first project as IAD President and as part of her Building New Egypt initiative, she founded and organized Egypt’s first event honoring Egyptian designers in all fields of design. The event was staged at the Manial Palace on June 14th 2014 in-collaboration between IAD and the Ministry of Tourism. Fourteen prominent Egyptian designers were nominated at the event by IAD Board to receive the prestigious IAD honoree award. The forum was a huge success, received extensive media coverage and got positive feedback from a broad sector of the intellectual society in Egypt. This glamorous event was the first forum in Egypt to highlight, honor and shed international spotlight on creators and designers in Egypt. The Design Biennale has been approved by the Egyptian government to be a yearly ritual. In the plan for next year’s Biennale, a committee of elite professionals and academic figures will create a jury to elect the honor nominees, in addition to a new category to be introduced in the honoring list. “Promising young designers” are Dalia Sadany’s main focus; she believes honoring and highlighting young designers is one of the main goals of this forum.

Dalia is planning several events and projects in the near future to cover various branches of design and creativity from art to architecture, and several other creative fields that she hopes will initiate fruitful and beneficiary projects.

She has several interests in other fields such as writing; she wrote several educational articles about architecture, interior design, contracting and landscaping aimed at homeowners aspiring them to build their new homes. She Plans to turn these articles into a series of informative books in the field in both English and Arabic in a simplified manner that will reach all segments of the society. To compliment her desire for an informative educational medium in the field of interior design and design in general, Dalia has been working with a huge production house on executing a television show that will be aired very soon;  we couldn’t be more excited.