Smoking shisha, hookah, argila or the water pipe as some like to call it, is a ritual to Cairene street culture. All over the city, you could enjoy all kinds of shisha in different atmospheres.

Whether you’re looking for an “urban” experience in the allies of downtown or you want a more sophisticated setting, every good shisha place you need to know about in Cairo is here.

Hooka- Helioplis

Looking for a chill spot and a long lasting shisha near Heliopolis? Hooka Lounge in Almaza is the go to place. Prices are pretty affordable and they even offer a 15% discount for students!

Rooftop- Zamalek

If you enjoy a cold beer next to your shisha, you have to try Rooftop in Zamalek. The Nile view restaurant and bar is a perfect spot for the weekends. A note though, they usually have a minimum charge of 250LE. But given the quality and atmosphere, we think it’s reasonable.

Nomad- Dokki

The name “Nomad” means passing through but when you visit this rooftop once and try their shisha, you will want to stay for quite some time. It doesn’t exactly overlook the Nile, but you will still feel the wind in your hair from that height.

La Pietra- Mohandessin

La Pietra is a cozy place with great food, desserts and the best shisha around Mohandessin. The place is a little pricey though, but it’s great to visit every once in a while with friends.

Canova- Dokki

Want to grab a smoke around Dokki? Head straight to Canova. The little place is super cozy and is specialized in hooka mixes!

Colors- Zamalek

This place is called colors and it will definitely bring colors to your Cairo nights. It’s a little place hidden in Zamalek and it’s usually filled with its own loyal crowd. You could become one too, especially given their amazing shisha and great prices!

Garet El Amar- 6th of October

A Fayrouz fan? This is the place for you. Located in 6th of October, Garet El Amar is best known for two things. Having a Fayrouz-themed decor and for making shisha with the coolest flavors. Nutella, Galaxy and Cuban shisha are some examples we recall to be really good.

Grand Cafe- Maadi

We all just forget about Grand Cafe for some reason. It has good food, vibes and the best shisha in Maadi. If you’re not a Maadi resident, they have branches all over Cairo.

Beit Ward- Zamalek

We all know Beit Ward makes great food, but did you know they make the best shisha too? Now you do.

Red Door- Sheikh Zayed

If you happen to live in or near Sheikh Zayed, you probably know a place called Rawd Zayed. It’s a compound that has the biggest assembly of ahwas there. Red Door is one of them; they are super affordable and have great mixes.

El Fishawy- Khan El Khalili

It’s a landmark in the modern history of Egypt. The only downside is that it’s always crowded and it’s difficult to find an empty seat. We advise you to go there in the morning, you would enjoy it more. Avoid all other coffee shops in the area; they’re all tourist traps.

Saed Halawa

Smoking a shisha in one of Downtown Cairo’s historic ahwas (or street cafés) is a special experience not all of us appreciate. If you want to try it, ask for Saed Halawa (you could also find it on google maps), one of the oldest great spots there!

If you know of another place that makes great shisha, please tell us in the comments.