If you haven’t heard about Black Mirror, then you are missing out big time. Black mirror touches the issue of how new technology can gravely impact our society. It pushes the limits of these constant innovations and shows us an exaggerated version of what kind of damage they cause.


1. The Entire History of You

This episode takes place in a reality where everyone has a grain implanted behind their ear that records everything that revolves around them; which they can later playback in front of their eyes or on a screen.

The brain can sometimes create false memories that this grain can quickly contradict. (Facebook memories are now on that track). However, the downside is that people will start depending on this little grain rather than living in the moment. Camera contact lenses, has anyone heard about them?


2. The Waldo Moment

The easiest thing about sitting behind a computer screen is that it can turn us into heartless humans. And we’re talking about the internet trolls we see everyday. A lot of people in our society don’t have the ability to emphasize without eye contact. But what if you could see the reaction of every person you harm while hiding behind your screen?


3. Be Right Back

This episode emphasizes the idea that who you are is never reflected by what you are portrayed to be online. As accurate as you might be, the things you like, the people you follow, and even the events you attend; they do not define who you are. Your online profile does not have access to your thoughts, your emotions and what you’ve learned. The sad truth is that social media and even companies are using your online data to label you, and create a false image of who you really are.


4. Fifteen Million Merits

There’s one sentence that can accurately describe this episode: “Anyone can be bought for the right price”.

It is an exaggerated version of the world we live in today. It touches the issue of how a priviledged few are in position of power and control; whereas the unfortunate mass have to adapt and accept a world that favors the priviledged. However, “if you comply, we will give you what you want, and again, in our own terms.” Déjà vu anyone?


The best thing about Black Mirror is that it subtly shows you how technology can cater to our worst selves. It reveals the ugly truth that at the most innovative machinery/system could only backfire on our society and highlight our biggest flaws.