Driven by the strong belief in the value of giving back to the community, CFCM held a fun day celebrating orphans in an attempt to contribute to their integration in society.

The retail giant has invited 200 orphaned children in partnership with Dar Al Orman, to celebrate a warm and festive atmosphere in the mall with various activities in collaboration with the biggest names in the retail industry.

Spreading community shared values and ultimately being the number one destination for extending happiness to families and children, CFCM pulled off a memorable day for these children. We absolutely loved the idea of integrating an isolated community to enjoy what most children take for granted: the fun and excitement at the mall!

Besides celebrating Orphans’ Day, the retail giant celebrated World Women’s Day in collaboration with Baheya to spread awareness of the importance of early detection of breast cancer. Additionally, CFCM celebrated mother’s day recently offering them lovely gifts on their special day in collaboration with their partners: the tenants!

We love this: CFCM powers through as our favorite retail hub in the country!