The entertainment industry is one of the hardest fields to break into. But it is easier when you have an undeniable charisma to back up pure talent!

That’s why it didn’t take long for May and Mayar El Gheity to break their way to stardom and right into our hearts.

May and Mayar are daughters of talk show host and scriptwriter Mohamed El Gheity and TV show host Mona El Baroma. They both started acting at a very young age.

El Gheity
Left: Mayar, Right: Mai

About Mayar:

Mayar, 27, had her first acting job at the age of five in TV series called El 7aseda. She then returned to the spotlight as a young teenager in Captain Hima movie acting alongside Tamer Hosny, this was when people started to really recognize Mayar‘s talent.

About May:

As for May, 21, her first appearance on screen was in a TV series her father wrote called 3wasef El Nesa2, she was just 5 years old at the time. Since then she appeared in several movies and TV series. However, it was her role in El-Kaserat TV series in 2013 that brought her into the spotlight and reflected her talent.

We can rave about them all day long, but instead, we are gonna give you a chance to hear what they have to say.

El Gheity

1. How did growing up in an artistic household impact you, personally and in your careers?

Mayar: For me, it was quite inspiring and eventually, I have become aware of what talent is and that I should work on it to develop it and achieve my dreams.

May: Certainly being surrounded by so many artists all the time coming and going from our home and being able to watch actors on sets since we were children makes one really fascinated by the craft. And having our family encourage our talents definitely nourished it.

2. What inspired you to choose a career in acting?

Mayar: As I said growing up in an artistic environment encouraged me more to find out what I’m good at. And that’s how I developed my talent since then and I chose to be an actress.

May: I think I was fascinated by the idea of being capable to evoke different emotions in people and having them invested in other peoples or characters stories. I believe I just felt like in a way, it increases peoples empathy and sympathy for one another. Art, in general, is that way, it reminds us of our humanity. I think I wanted to be a patron of this reminder.

3. Was it hard being in front of the camera at a very young age?

Mayar: No, it wasn’t. On the contrary, I was very excited

May: I remember I was seven, in a series called Awasef Alnsa2 directed by the great Mohamed Abu Seif, and I giggled before we shot my first scene because I felt so awkward. That was the first and last time it was hard for me.

4. Do people often confuse you for each other? And does that bother you?

Mayar: No, they don’t anymore and surely it doesn’t bother me!

May: They do and it often puts us in several funny situations where people mistake us for each other in the streets. No, it doesn’t bother me. Sometimes I correct them other times I pretend to be Mayar for the fun of it.

5. Does looking so similar affect your career?

Mayar: I don’t think we look alike. But yes it did affect our careers, we became more famous!

May: No, I don’t think it affects our careers at all, but like said before it does put us in several funny situations.

El Gheity

6. What are your most and least favorite roles?

Mayar: My least favorite role was my role in Wesh Tani. Although I liked the role very much and I always wanted to work with both Kareem Abdelaziz and Hussien Fahmy, I couldn’t get along with the director which happened to be the producer as well.

My most favorite role was in Adam w Gamila as I had to play a blind girl which needed a lot of practice and work to get it done.

May: My least favorite was Tahani in Ostaz we Raes Kessm. But the closest to my heart is Aisha in Eshtebak (Clash).

7. Who was your favorite scene-mate from the people you acted with?

Mayar: Tamer Hosny in Captain Hima and Enjy Wejdan in Tel3t Rouhy.

May: That’s a hard one I’ll have to name more than one: Ahmed MalekAmr Youssef, and currently Asmaa Abualyazied.

8. Who do you wish to have the chance to act with?

Mayar: Ahmed Mekky and Asser Yassien.

May: SherihanAmr Waked, and Menna Shalaby.

El Gheity

9. Are you planning to work together in the future? If not, would that be something that interests you?

Mayar: I would be very interested in that. And I hope soon because I think we both can come up with something different.

May: There are no set plans yet, really. But if something is suitable for both of us then why not!

10. What is next for both of you? And what will we see you in next Ramadan?

Mayar: I have a new series coming up in Ramadan called Super Miro with Emy Samir ghanem.

May: I’m currently working on a series not for Ramadan but it’s certainly keeping me busy called “Zodiac”. Hopefully, it will be coming out in these coming months. I play a character named Mariam, a very unique character compared to anything I’ve done before.
I’m also working on an Environmental documentary that I’m directing and producing as well as a short film.

El Gheity

11. What are non-acting related achievements do you hope to achieve through your platform?

Mayar: I hope I can raise awareness and knowledge as I believe May is doing such a great job concerning environmental awareness.

May: I certainly hope to raise more environmental awareness and promote sustainable living through my position as greenish’s goodwill ambassador. And as a psychology student, I hope I can help in the battle against mental illness stigma in the Arab world.

12. May, did having your older sister in the entertainment industry make you feel more secure going in?

Well, we didn’t get to work with each other much so I didn’t get to feel so. But certainly knowing I have a family member I can refer to is comforting.

13. Mayar, Did you feel protective and big sisterly when Mai started acting?

Not at all! I have always trusted her choices and her thinking and I know by heart she will do great at anything she does because she’s a hard worker, and most importantly she is a believer.

It was great talking to El Gheity sisters and knowing more about them, now we can’t wait to watch you do your magic in all of your upcoming stuff.

We wish the two young stars all the luck, not that they need it.

Photography: Farah Hosny
Designer: Zeina Hosny
Makeup: Heba Keissi
Hair: Rabei Murad
Stylist: Lamia Rady