fadl shaker

Fadl Shaker is back again after 7 years of retirement. His last song was the titre of a series called “El Rayan” in 2011. He just released his new song “Shbe3na mn el tamsyl”, also a titre of the upcoming Ramadan series “Ladina 2aqwal okhra”. Taking social media by storm, love/hate comments, let’s go back and reflect on the famous Lebanese singer.


Fadl created a big buzz when he appeared last March with his son Mohammed singing “Leh El Garh” which was uploaded on the internet.

Fadl, who was considered one of the Arab world’s music legends from 1998 till 2010, ended his career in a dramatic way after appearing with a group of militants known to be loyal to Salafi leader Ahmed al-Assir in 2011 in the Lebanese city of Sida. He declared his support to Al Assir and announced his retirement while singing an Islamic song .


On June 23rd 2013, militants loyal to Ahmed al-Assir attacked and killed 17 Lebanese soldiers in Sidon in what was known as “the battle of Abra”, but Fadl asserted that he wasn’t with them and didn’t kill any Lebanese soldier and never carried a weapon against the army. In addition, he was sleeping when the battle began but remained hiding in his house till the battle ended and escaped to other Lebanese cities until he eventually got out of the country and reached Palestinian refugee camp “Ain al Hilweh”.


In 2015, Ahmed Al Assir was arrested at Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport on his way to escape from Lebanon, and was sentenced to death together with 30 of his men. In September 2017, the Lebanese military court sentenced Fadl to 15 years in prison with hard labor for his involvement in the battle of Abra, but he is now close to proving his innocence according to his lawyer.

So, does Fadl Shaker’s talent condone his past political decisions? That’s for you to decide.

Update: Adl group has officially announced they will not be using Fadl Shaker’s song in respect to the Lebanese people. In the eyes of most Lebanese Fadl Shaker is still considered a terrorist who killed army soldiers.

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