Love is great and all, but girls need to understand that love is not the only factor that makes a relationship work. Sometimes, you need to give up on a failed relationship to make room for a better one, with someone who respects you and loves you enough.

So my dear, if he does any of the following, then leaving him is what he deserves, unless you should be kissed goodbye.

#1: If He Takes You For Granted

Being taken for granted is one of the worst feelings that any girl could experience. Why be with someone who thinks that you will always be there no matter how bad he treats you or how selfish he is? Be his lesson learnt: to not take people for granted.

#2: If You Had to Open This Article to Check

I don’t want to disappoint you, but if you opened this article to check whether your man’s behaviour fits the criteria, then your relationship is not in its best shape. If you feel like he deserves to be dumped, then don’t deprive him from his right!

#3: If He Makes You Feel Insecure About Your Body and Personality

It is practically in every boyfriend’s job description to make his girl feel like she is the queen of the world. If he always makes you feel insecure about your curvy thighs or your little belly, then it is time to let the a**hole go.

And if he always makes you feel like there is a problem with YOU, then give him a slap on the face and make him realize what a huge loss he incurred today.

#4: If He Doesn’t Make Enough Time for You

I don’t intend to be mean, but are you the Prime Minister to always be too busy for your girl? I bet that even the Prime Minister himself has enough time for his wife. If he loves you enough, he will give you more than enough time.

#5: If He Lies to You

Lying is just a terrible unbearable trait. If you accept being with a liar, then you accept being lied to for the rest of your life. Do you want to be an ‘aerial‘ for the rest of your life? Huh? I bet you don’t.

#6: If He Abuses or Disrespect You

Disrespect and abuse come in different forms and shapes. So if he violates any of these forms, then it is time to set the douchebag free! Because you don’t want to be with someone who disrespects you, your privacy and your family or abuses you emotionally or physically.

#7: If He Keeps You Waiting, Always

text back

Well, that’s a guy’s specialty I guess. They’d be saying stupid excuses like ‘my dog ate your text’. How hard is it to reply to her texts and accept phone-calls? Or is it that most of the time your phone is on silent mode?

#8: If He Flirts With Other Girls, A Lot

Personally, I can’t think of a decent response if I caught my guy sugar talking any other girl. I mean am I that great that you need to talk to less great people, or are you just plain stupid?

#9: If He Keeps Avoiding Serious Conversations


At some point, you both need to start discussing your future together. If he tries his best to avoid this conversation, then baby girl he is not in for the long ride. You need to set him free, because he is just a player with no serious bone in his body.

#10: If He Makes You Cry

Apart from you PMSing, if he truly hurts your feelings to the extent of bringing you to tears, then tell him to see the door. know your worth, and understand that you deserve so much better than this.

#11: If He Doesn’t Keep His Promises

How can you trust him, if his word means nothing? A man that doesn’t respect his own word, shouldn’t be a man you are dating. He should be just an ex.