2018 is almost over. While some of us were able to fulfill their 2018 resolutions (check our previous article about success stories), some of us couldn’t fulfill the things they hoped for. Don’t feel bad about it, we’re here to help!

Most of us make a list for things we want to do in the next year. It’s a time of reflecting on the previous year and the things you should have done to feel better.

But wanting something and doing it are two entirely different things; most of us end up ditching these resolutions (check any gym in February, if you are still going by then).

What should we do then? How do we carry on with our New Year’s resolutions?

Have no fear, we’ve put together a guide for you…

Start with the Basics; Make a list

Cheesy as it may sound, writing down the stuff you look forward to helps a bit. Sure, we all have a notorious history of unfinished to-do lists, but writing down your aspirations helps to clear out the clutter as much as possible.

Tone It Down; Realistic Resolutions

It’s okay to want to be as fit as a model, or be able to plank for more than a minute…or at least a minute. Okay, let’s be realistic; how about half a minute?

That’s the trick here, realistic. Keep your goals realistic within a year. You can plan to buy a new house or a new car. But make sure that you plan it in a realistic time interval.

Unless you can buy a new house and a new car in a year…Why are you planning again?

Let’s Get Down to Business; Make a Plan

Now that you know what you can achieve within this year, make a detailed plan. Remember the to-do list? Elaborate more on it.

Let’s assume that you want to be more fit this year. This is a vague goal, you may want to start with eating healthy or cutting down on smoking. What about if your goal is to quit smoking? You can plan to replace smoking with more healthy habits and deal with the cravings.

Baby Steps; Do One Thing at a Time

One thing at a time. You are only human, you can’t do everything—unless you’re Batman. Take every month to focus on a certain goal and master it, then master a second goal the next month while keeping up with the first. Prioritize your goals and do one thing at a time. Getting used to working out daily can be more important than getting a new phone, or the exact opposite, if your work depends on having a functional mobile.

“Batman can have whatever Batman wants!”

Be sure to master one thing at a time and then make sure that you carry on with the next best thing. This is the key to adding new good habits rather than just cramming everything till you feel burnt out.

Be Flexible; Don’t Get Your Hopes Too High

It’s okay to face setbacks; most plans are meant to stumble upon obstacles. All to-do lists are still unchecked for a reason.

As cliché as it sounds, don’t give up. Not all plans are meant to go through. Being flexible with the flow of events can help you a lot to cope with changes.


There is always time, take it easy and enjoy the process of changing into an upgraded version of yourself.

And most importantly, have a happy new year!