As much as we love and enjoy summer, no one likes the awful feeling of flaky skin caused by a sunburn. And in summer in Egypt, the chances of getting those are extremely high. Not to mention, all the harmful effects of being too exposed. So, since we highly believe in the power of sunblocks, here’s a quick and honest review of 5 of our favorite brands!

La Roche-Posay

This is definitely our favorite and by far, the best one out there. It’s so soft on the skin and dries in no time. If you’re looking to invest in your skin, we highly recommend it. Their line includes gel-based or cream-based ones for different skin types. Believe us, it goes a long way!


Our next favorite brand for skincare products is Vichy. Did we ever tell you how divine their sunscreen is? It’s as light as air, super fast to dry and will give you a nice matte-look. It also smells amazing! Being designed for sensitive and acne-prone skin is yet just another merit!

One thing was a little off about it though, it was a tad oily. Given the fact that it’s “dry touch” was definitely a minus for us. But we like the spray one though!


You could get a really good locally-made sunscreen too, you know. Okay, so this one product was the talk of the town a few summers back. And being locally produced in Egypt with so many good reviews, we just had to try it. Honestly, it’s perfect. An 80 SPF non-greasy, light, water-proof, leaves no white cast and fast-drying!


Last but not least, Ultrasun. It’s a bit low-key but it’s actually pretty good. We asked people who tried it and they agreed it’s their favorite. It’s on the extreme protection side, protecting the skin from three harmful sun rays. Which is kinda what you need a sunblock to do, you know.


Having vitamin E and C as one of its key ingredients, Uriage is all about moisturizing without being too oily. Which is something we feel is a plus for a sunscreen. Another plus is being free of any alcohol and other components that we usually find in sunscreens.

We wish you all safe and protected sun-fun times!