The big reveal of Apple’s iPhone 6 is tomorrow and devoted fans could not wait any longer! As always Apple did not make any official announcements concerning what they have in store for us. However, through the past year there have been a lot of rumors and speculations on how the iPhone will be like. To an extent, these rumors usually have some truth to them. So before we see if they were true or not, let’s go through the most popular rumors we know of…


Two models are expected to be released


Much like the previous release of an iPhone 5 & 5c models. However no reports of whether they will keep the coloured models or not.

There will be two different sizes

iphone 6 size comparison

Basically Apple will release two models that vary in size. One is 4.7 inch and the larger one will be 5.5 inches!

Larger storage


One of the difference between the models may be the storage size which is said to be up to 128 GB for the larger model.

More Scratch resistant

The new iPhone six display is said to be made of Sapphire material which stands to scratching and bending much better than the previous iPhone model.

Better Processor


an A8 chip will be more energy efficient and smaller than the iPhone 5 A7 chip. Naturally a better performance is expected.


Better Camera


Although rumors aren’t really clear as to whether they will continue to use the 8 megapixel camera or opt for a 13 megapixel new camera. There will be a lot of enhancements also to ensure better quality pictures such as more image stabilization.

iOS 8

ios 8

That part we most certainly know about is the new software that will be released with the iPhone. The new software will include a Health kit, new camera features, photo editing, more integration between Mac & iPhone, better notifications and better keyboard.

That’s about it for the rumors and we will see if any of them are true! Share with us your speculations in the comment section below. Meanwhile,  I found these two interesting concepts which will most definitely not be true but I thought I would share them because they are AWESOME!

iphone 6 concept

ihpone 6