Movies, music, fashion, culture, hang out spots, nightlife, you name it; Egypt simply has it all! It is safe to say that Egypt is the main entertainment hub in the Middle East. But hey, with great diversity comes great responsibilities, right? The responsibility of choosing where to go and what to do. Yep, that’s a hard one!

We are all guilty of canceling plans with our friends just because it took forever to come up with a solid choice of where to go and what to do, but apparently, we will be suffering no more that! There might be a new social platform made specifically to fix this issue.

Meet Blabber; a social platform for users to rate and review ANY business over the world, and by ‘any’ we seriously mean any business!! They have every kind of businesses, restaurant, café, cinema, entertainment venue; you could even rate the nearest kiosk!

What is so intimidating about directory platform is feeling kind of a gap between us, the client and the business, Blabber is curing that, and no more gaps! Their communication tools will break down any kind of barriers between you and the business.

Business owners get to use the platform as a main self-movement tool. Additionally, businesses get to know where they stand in the market between their competitors and have the opportunity to develop and grow. They also get a stand-alone app for that!

Now, let’s get to our personal favorite part about Blabber; it is the blog posts they have in the app. It has numerous guides and tips articles on various topics that are based on your interests and frequently visited places.

While we have not tested the app during an actual disagreement on where to go yet, but we are sure that it will save us a lot of arguments!

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