Moaz, a young boy who used to sell napkins on the subway and sketch simple drawings in his free time, had his talent discovered by famous artist Ali El-Rawi who came across Moaz’s paintings on Facebook.

Ali El-Rawi, the painter, refused to let Moaz’s promising talent go to waste due to his harsh circumstances. His mother and father were separated, and he had no one to live with but his grandmother who used to take him with her to the metro station next to Cairo University to sell napkins everyday. Later, El-Rawi reached out to Moaz and asked his grandmother to take him to the Academy of Arts where he could learn basic painting principles and work on his talent.

Ali El-Rawi also told Watani that he will be dedicating a corner of his next exhibition to display Moaz’s work and put them on sale, just like his own paintings. And he truly delivered, making Moaz one of the youngest ever to showcase his paintings in an exhibition.

Finally, we thought we’d leave you with the reminder that a simple act of kindness creates an endless ripple.