38 Shows are expected to air on TV this Ramadan which means that if you don’t want to miss any, you’ll need to dedicate 47 days and a half of your life to TV. 

Breakdown: This calculation is based on the assumption that each of the 38 shows is 1 hour and 30 episodes long.

Back in the old days, the hype surrounding Ramadan’s shows was never this crazy. 6th of October bridge is now the equivalent of a magazine showcasing all of Ramadan’s upcoming shows. It has become fully fledged insane.

The list of shows this Ramadan: 

1- Kafr Delhab 

2- 3afareet 3adly 3elam 

3- Al Za’ebak 

4- Al Gama3a 2

5- Taket Nour 

6- Ard Gaw 

7- Harbana Menha 

8- Lam3y El qet 

9- Allahom Eni Sa2em

10- Ayam Hassan El Ghareeb

11- El 7alal 

12- Bekhat 2eedy 

13- Taht Amr El Seyada

14- Le 2a3la Se3r

15- Wahet El Gherob 

16- Le3bet El Samt 

17- Al Tofan 

18- Ben 3almen 

19- La Tatfe2 El Shams 

20- 7alawet El Donya 

21- Haza El Masa2 

22- Phobia 

23- Nouh

24- Kalbesh 

25- Al Dawly 

26- Ezay El Seha? 

27- Asr El 3osha2 

28- El Hala G 

29- Al Herbaya 

30- 30 Youm 

31- Ramadan Kareem

32- Khalsana Beshyaka 

33- El Day3een

34- Howa w Heya w Howa 

35- Yawmeyat Zoga Mafrosa Awi Part 4

36- Saba3 Sanaye3 

37- El Hossan El Eswed 

38- Taket El Adr 

So have you decided which ones you will follow this year?