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Our Favorite Breakfast Spots in Sheikh Zayed

Living in Sheikh Zayed only means fancy breakfast to  Zayed locals, to other Cairiens it is only the Mehwar. For that, we invite them to check out our favorite breakfast places to enjoy the neighbourhood as much as we do. When in Sheikh Zayed, these are the top 10 places to have breakfast on a relaxing morning:

Qahwa, Arkan Mall

Located in the heart of Sheikh Zayed, Qahwa is one of the most popular breakfast serving bistros/cafés in Sheikh Zayed. Most famous for their creatively rich omelets, Qahwa is a significant breakfast hub that attracts many customers.

Ovio, Galleria 40

Although it has only recently opened, Ovio has acquired a respectable reputation for its breakfast menu. Serving a wide range of viennoiseries, omelets, and pancakes/waffles/crêpes, Ovio has won the hearts of many Egyptian foodies.

Baladina, Arkan Mall and Westown Hub, Beverly Hills

One way to traditionally have breakfast is Baladina. Known for its delicious presentation of traditional rural Egyptian food, Baladina offers a breakfast menu of foul, falafel, feteer, and eggs with an authentic twist in all their food and presentation.


 Caracas, Arkan Mall

Another way to authentically have breakfast is to visit the Lebanese restaurant Caracas. With its broad selection of breakfast items including mezzat, falafel, mana’eesh, Lebanese omelets and pastries; Caracas ensures a unique Lebanese breakfast with a unique taste and presentation.


Lilly’s, Mall 2 Shop no.3, After Legenda compound gate, next to Spectra

Lilly’s serves a conventional breakfast menu providing classic 3 egg omelet, Egyptian sausages, and delicious Nutella pancakes.


Andrea, New Giza

For an exceptional country authentic Egyptian breakfast, Andrea is the place. Offering feteer, honey, qeshta, eggs, foul and all sorts of traditional hand grown/picked ingredients, Andrea has a significant reputation as a breakfast place and not just a grill place.


Cachimba, Galleria 40

The Spanish restaurant serves a colorful breakfast menu, offering a traditional Egyptian menu as well as classic choices for breakfast. Serving omelets, cheese and tomatoes – Spanish style, tapas, as well as falafel, and foul.


Tutti Matti, Galleria 40

Famously known for its pasta, Tutti Matti also presents an independent breakfast menu that attracts various customers. Tutti Matti serves eggs in all ways possible, to your liking, as well as sweet and savory crêpes to suit every mood.


Harris Café, Arkan Mall

Always guaranteeing excellence, Harris café serves a big breakfast menu with all the components of breakfast needed. It offers eggs with any topping of your liking, breakfast sandwiches, or “Breakie Sandwiches” and exceptional croissants, mana’eech, and waffles.


K Lounge, Westown Hub, Beverly Hills

Most commonly known for its salad, K Lounge surprised its customers with a breakfast menu that offers unique cheese-filled baked goods, omelets and one of a kind Paninis.

So when you’re bored and feel like pampering yourself a little bit, try out these amazing breakfast places!