5 Best Egyptian Rom-Coms

Among many genres, it’s safe to say Rom-Coms are fairly underrated. Those feel-good, cute love stories that are kind of typical and surprising always find their way into our hearts.

Of course, just because we have our fair share of Rom-Coms doesn’t mean they’re all great. The great ones are right here, picked by yours truly for your viewing pleasure!

Shabab Magnoon Gedan

Yes, we’ve been making romantic comedies since the 60’s and we’ve been perfectly good at it too. Shabab Magnoon Gedan is actually kind of timeless when it comes to several social misunderstandings, so you’re going to have a blast watching.

Of course, it goes without saying that Soad Hosny and Ahmed Ramzy as a pair with love-hate-eventual-love relationship never gets old.

Bibo W Beshir

Essentially a modern remake of the classic Ghareeb Fi Beity, Bibo w Beshir doesn’t do this story the same old way we would expect.

Instead, the titular characters are already establishing their relationship when they discover the surprise about their living situations. Naturally, romance and hilarity ensue.

Zarf Tarek

Ahmed Helmy kind of unwittingly made a series of successful Rom-Coms, even if you may think otherwise. This story in particular hits home for many viewers because it’s just too good.

Don’t think so? Tell us you didn’t tear up a little bit at the Hawselek scene!

Esha3et 7ob

Another oldie featuring Soad Hosny, Esha3et 7ob brings the fun as much as the romance, which is something most romantic films may not be able to achieve lightly.

With other elements like the growing bonds, love story, and Omar El-Sherif as the male lead, you can see why this is a nation-wide favorite.

Bashtry Ragel

A romance for the modern age, Bashtery Ragel brought a new dawn to Rom-Coms, giving the female lead, ironically enough, the lead in making her decisions and driving the relationship.

It doesn’t hurt that the chemistry between the two main protagonists was very natural and easy-going too.

Now that you’ve seen our picks, you’ll definitely know what we mean!