What started off with something as simple as trading, didn’t only lead to a thievery, but to a vicious murder! That was Mohamed Abdelaziz’s OLX experience! He is a young engineering student, who browsed OLX, the popular online marketplace, to find a good computer, and have himself a nice deal, but he ended up getting killed by the fake sellers.

The three killers got arrested by the police later on at their homes, and here is the story narrated by them. Their attempt wasn’t murder but thievery, so they set a false advertisement on OLX, and arranged a meeting with Mohamed Abdelaziz. When Abdelaziz figured out their attempt, he tried to resist them, so they killed him and stole his money (25,000 grand).

This is not the first time a tragic accident occurs during an OLX transaction. In 2016, Muhammad Abrar, a young gym instructor suffered a tragic death after a fake OLX buyer tried to drive away without paying him his money. Abrar clung to the car, and one thing led to another. The police interfered and opened fire which led to the death of Abrar, and injured the fake buyer!

Furthermore, following the recent murder of Abdelaziz, buyers and sellers started to share their stories on their social media platforms. From robbery to cyber harassment, and the list goes on and on.

OLX’s response to any fraud cases has always been the following: “Please note that we as a classified platform have no authority on the ads posted and we do not own them; we are merely a platform where buyers and sellers make transactions without our interference.”


But this time it’s not fraud, it’s murder, and for the second time! Users started to angrily question the security procedures applied to protect them as buyers or sellers from any harm or fraud.

They started to suggest ideas such as OLX having offices where buyers and sellers can meet, or the dealers can receive each other’s ID in order to secure the deal…

I Technology store, took the initiative and announced that it will open its branches to be a meeting point for OLX users, in order to provide them with a public place and a safe transaction.

Now all eyes are on OLX, waiting for them to come up with a change in their policy to protect users’ safety.