Oscars 2019

The 91st Academy Awards kicked off last night with so many celebrities bagging their Oscars for the night. But as always, as much as we’re incredibly happy for the winners, our eyes had to be on the gowns!

Unfortunately, we were very saddened to see that the majority of the gowns for the most important and most glamorous red carpet event of the year, fell under the ‘meh’ category or even worse, the ‘worst’ one! Honestly you guys, what happened to the fashion world?

However, you know we’ll never miss a chanceย to bring you the best and worst dressed celebrities at the Oscars 2019 red carpet. As well as the Vanity Fair after party!ย 


1. Regina King in Oscar De La Renta

All Hail The Queen!

That beautiful one leg out white gown just shut it down on the red carpet, and the accessories went really well with it!

2. Billy Porter in Christian Siriano

Talk about stealing the show! That beautiful shiny black half suit-half gown literally got everyone amazed and stunned. It was really the talk of the night AND the day after!

3. Brie Larson in Celine

The beautiful actress looked stunning in the pretty one leg out shiny silver gown from head to toe, especially styled with those silver shoes!

4. Miley Cyrus in Saint Lauren

AND here come the newly weds! Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth were goals in the Vanity Fair after party. The actress/singer was glowing with the beautiful accessories and awesome shiny black gown!

5. Elizabeth Banks in Monique L’huillier

Okay, wow! The beautiful actress stole the Vanity Fair after party with that red gown! Like, how could she not? Also, it really suited the makeup and earrings!

6. Ellen Pompeo

Honestly, when did the Grey’s Anatomy star NOT steal red carpets? The two piece outfit looked on point, and that shiny burgundy color with the plaid patterns is so different and just everything!

7. Michelle Yeoh in Elie Saab

Has there ever been a time when Elie Saab gowns were not THE BEST on red carpets? The fairy-tale like gown really made the actress look like a princess from the books! The mixture of the nude colors and silver sparkles, along with the clutch created a dreamy look!

The ‘meh.’ Category :

1. Lady Gaga in Alexander McQueen

Okay, well nobody particularly hated this dress but it also wasn’t the best – like at all – While you can do no wrong in fashion with a black color, there was something really wrong with the fitting from the waist down!

2. Emilia Clarke in Balmain

Well hello mother of dragons! The Game of Thrones QUEEN did not end up on the best dressed list, unfortunately!

But not because the pinkish sparkle Balmain gown was awful or anything, it was just not Oscars worthy. It would be okay if she was attending a wedding or something though!

3. Jennifer Lopez in Tom Ford

JLo has always caught the eye on red carpets, so it isn’t a new thing for her! However, while the silver color is actually trendy and not bad at all, still the Tom Ford gown was kind of basic and repetitive!

4. Jennifer Hudson in Elie Saab

Another one of Elie Saab’s beauties! HOWEVER, as much as the color is really dreamy and everything, the fitting and the whole dress from head to toe is sort of strange. Also the one shoulder thing isn’t really our cup of tea neither are the silver shoes!

5. Amy Adams in Versace

Adams has always stunned on red carpets but this time, it wasn’t a total hit to be honest with this whitish and silver Versace gown. The material also didn’t look the best nor was it Oscars worthy!


1. Emma Stone in Louis Vuitton

In all honestly, Stone has not been at her best for the last couple of red carpets. This one, however, surpasses all in the color ugliness. The Louis Vuitton gown looked really strange on the La La Land actress!

2. Charlize Theron in DIOR

Although the color is really nice and that was supposed to be an elegant look, the Dior gown turned out to be really wide on the actress. It did not fit her at all, and the fact that it was closed off from every angle made it a total miss!

3. Sarah Paulson in Brandon Maxwell

What the hell Paulson? We understand that the pink color is trendy, but that Maxwell gown surpassed all levels of awkwardness in fashion! It was really wide and strangely tailored to be honest!

4. Gemma Chan in Valentino

Um, well did you mistake the night gown for a ball one? You guys, this Valentino dress really stood out, but definitely not in a good way! Honestly, we know Gemma Chan could’ve done much better!

5. Olivia Colman in Prada

Well, Olivia, you might have won best actress, but surely NOT best dressed! This olive green Prada gown looks like it might be suitable for a role in Star Wars, but certainly not the Oscars!

6. Glenn Close in Carolina Herrera

Why Glenn? We were rooting for you! Honestly though, this silky yellowish gold Carolina Herrera made the actress look like the golden riding hood with this weird looking cape!

7. Lisa Bonet in Karl Lagerfeld

It sure looks like Bonet grabbed her apartment’s curtains on her way out instead of a decent gown! The Aquaman’s wife really went with the wrong choice for the Oscars!

8. Kendall Jenner

Not to lie, the – we don’t even know if we can call it a gown – but it looks kind of decent from the top, and the shiny black and silverish color is not bad.

However, it sort of looks like the model/reality star has forgotten the bottom half, because this looks VERY undone and skimpy for the occasion instead of stylish and trendy like she might’ve wanted!

So what do you guys think? Why is the fashion world turning to either really crappy dresses or barely passable ones in comparison to the rest? Also, who are your best and worst picks?ย