By Sandra Nagy

After three months of quarantine, many of us started to work out at home, prepare healthy meals, do Yoga, play Zumba and indulge in many more healthy activities.

Quarantined or not, a healthy lifestyle should always be something we strive for. This is why there are so many health influencers online trying to push people to be the best versions of themselves, and we made you a list of some of the best ones out there!

Here are the top health influencers you should follow on Instagram for a healthier lifestyle!

1- Dr. Nourhan Kandil

Dr. Nourhan, aka โ€œDoctor Babyโ€, is a pharmacist and public health coach who found her passion for nutrition. In order to know about more nutritious meals, diet plans, and food recipes, you should definitely follow her!

2- Sally Fouad

Another one you have to follow is the amazing nutritionist and TV presenter Sally Fouad. If you want to lose weight, try out different diet plans and useful health tips, then she’s definitely the one to follow. Especially if you have a sweet tooth because she has tons of sweet but healthy recipes. And we’re so here for this balance!

3- Farah Ehsan

It goes without saying, Yoga is always the answer when it comes to flexibility, helpful breathing techniques, and most importantly, building self-confidence and strength. And all of this is very attainable with Farah Ehsan!

4- Yara Zoheiry

Due to the current circumstances, fitness geeks and ourselves are definitely missing the gym days. However, by following certified fitness trainer Yara Zoheiry, we’re not really missing a lot. You should follow her for effective and amazing home workouts!

5- Isra Galal

Isra Galal has her own ways to make you fall in love with Zumba, learn it step by step, and incorporate it into your daily routine. To know all about Zumba and jumping fitness, you gotta have her Instagram account on your feed!

We’re pretty sure your life is going to change to the better after following these amazing women. Say hello to a fresh and healthy lifestyle and let us know in the comments if you’ve already been following any of them!