Don’t we all imagine getting photographed those ‘travelers’ pictures in front of the breathtaking Eiffel tower? Or having those peaceful walks by the Spanish steps in Italy? Or even better, enjoying the quiet streets of the city of love? Well, we hate to break it for you, but these are nothing compared to reality.

Reality kicked us all in the face and this is our proof!

#1: Eiffel Tower Picnic is a Myth

Those dreams of picnicking by the Eiffel tower are just nightmares in disguise!

#2: Fontana Di Trevi is Probably Out of Luck 

You’d be lucky if you even got space for yourself down there, that’s how lucky you can get.

#3: You can’t possibly Kick Pisa

If you are that courageous and decided to kick Pisa, just cover yourself because people there will probably invade your picture and your privacy of course!

#4: The Perfect Honeymoon DestinationProven by the millions of couples that are there at the moment.

#5: The Great Wall of China is Great by Its People

Sorry to disappoint you, pal.

#6: The Coliseum is Still an Arena for Battles

Back in the day humans fought to win battles, but now they fight to take good pictures, which they eventually don’t get.

#7: The Mona Lisa Doesn’t Follow You as They Claim

We lied. However, it is too tiny compared to how we always think of it. And the crowd there is unbearable.

#8: You Can’t Possibly Sink in Venice

You’ll probably make friends with the people in your neighboring gondola. And did we mention the smell?

#9: Balteem is that you?

Don’t forget your ma7shi, renga and fiseekh.

Tell us about your experience!