When you’re a bride, you can’t help but spend all your free time thinking about your big day. These thoughts usually center on one thing; the perfect wedding venue. Everything about the wedding, including the look, the feel and the tone depend all on the location. Understanding that this is not an easy nut to crack, we present you a list of the trendiest wedding venues, in town and out of town, and let you decide where you want your magical night to take place.

In Town

Nile Ritz Carlton

The Nile Ritz Carlton Hotel is very aware of the significance of the decision at hand here, that’s why they not only offer the assistance of the hotel’s wedding experts, who will guide couples through choosing the perfect indoor or open air venue, the décor, the menu and the entertainment, but also the hotel has tailored wedding and bridal spa packages to ensure you have a pampered smooth experience.

Cairo Marriott Hotel

If you were the kind of bride fantasizing about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding, then Cairo Marriott hotel is the place you’re looking for. With about 19 event rooms that could accommodate from 200 to 1000 guests, they guarantee to suit every couple’s preferences. To multiply the charm and romance of your day, choose their rooftop venue with the panoramic breathtaking Nile view.

Marriott Mena House Cairo

Mena House has the magical combination between majestic exquisite setting of indoor ballrooms and splendid daylight venues overlooking the pyramids of Giza and the manicured gardens. With the magical ambiance, the mysterious mood and the mesmerizing history in the background, Mena House remains one of the trendiest wedding venues around town.


Out of Town

Sofitel Winter Palace – Luxor

If you want your wedding to be a tale to be told, this is the right place. Winter Palace’s corridors and gardens witnessed thousand of tales. It used to be a British Colonial era palace, and now a luxurious hotel. The glamorous Royal Victorian Lounge will be your pick if you want an indoor wedding, but if you’re one for outdoors, then the famous lush gardens of the palace will graciously house your wedding.

Sofitel Legend Old Cataract – Aswan

When you blend Nubian and French atmospheres, the outcome is definitely bound to be magical! That’s in a few words what the famous 19th century Victorian palace, set on the banks of the River Nile is all about, magic. Old Cataract’s riverside terrace can host an outdoor wedding reception or for a smaller and more private gathering, there is Fouad’s Corner, an exclusive dining area overlooking the Nile.

The Smokery Beach – Gouna

If you want to have your beach wedding in the charm of Gouna, the Smokery Beach will deliver that for you. The view only will make you fall in love with Gouna more than you’re in love with your groom. The Smokery doesn’t only provide spectacular settings directly overlooking the sea, but also promises delicious catering.

La Résidence des Cascades– Soma Bay

Another great location across the Red Sea coast, Soma Bay is a secluded novel spot fully surrounded by sea from all sides, making it a picture perfect place for a dreamy wedding. La Résidence des Cascades will make sure that your dream wedding comes true, and will even beat your version of it. Over there, even the slightest details are carefully taken care of to bewitch you and your guests.