Are you the type that gets bored quickly? Do you go out with friends to a restaurant or a café and as soon as you’re done eating, you just wanna pay and leave ’cause you hate just sitting there doing nothing? Well, we’ve got the best of both worlds for you. It’s a place where you can eat delicious food or have a coffee with a friend, but also enjoy some arts and crafts – Il Pennello Ceramic Café and Restaurant.

il-pennello-ceramic-cafe (1)

Located in both Heliopolis and Mohandessin, Il Pennello boasts classic yet cute European décor which makes the atmosphere perfect for both a casual friends outing, a family lunch, or even a cute date.

il-pennello-ceramic-cafe (3)

As soon you as you walk into the restaurant you see a guy standing in a little window surrounded by colourful ceramic statues and vases, as well as blank ones that haven’t been painted yet. If you walk around the restaurants, you’ll find more shelves of these blank ceramics up for grabs. Once you’ve chosen the shape you would like to paint, you go to the guy and give him the ceramic of your choice and pick from a wide variety of paint colours. You then leave everything and go to the table of your choice. While you wait, the guy brings you the ceramic you chose, water pots, the paints and a range of brushes so you can unleash your inner artist. You can choose to either eat first then start your creative escapade, or finish up painting then eat – it’s completely up to you! The world is your canvas and Il Pennello hands you the brush!

il-pennello-ceramic-cafe (2)

Once you’re done with everything and you’ve paid for your food and drink (which are super affordable bee tee dubz), you take your ceramic to the guy outside who gives you a receipt in order to come back to collect your piece once it comes out of the furnace looking all nice and shiny and you can proudly display it in your home!