Hossam Hosny and Wegz

If it were any two other artists than Wegz and Hossam Hosny, people might have anticipated Redbull’s online music show less. The fact that it was these two, though, raised people’s expectations. We expected a laugh at the differences and a smile at the odd similarities. We expected a strangeness about the whole thing.

What we got, though, was a very awkward, very disjointed conversation that turned into a very awkward, very disjointed music-making process that we all wanted over as soon as possible.

The entire 16 minutes of the show can be described as Wegz describing and defending trap music to Hossam Hosny, who couldn’t have cared less to understand what was being said and only cared for his own interpretation.

Naturally, this rubbed us all the wrong way. It actually made quite a lot of us remember some unpleasant talks we’ve had with our own parents and aunts and uncles about our interests and passions only to be derided for them. You know these kind of talks, they’re the ones that make us regret ever talking in the first place.

Before you say we’re overreacting, we’re aware of the generational differences involved. And sure, this could all be chalked up to that alone but since when did that excuse Hosny’s condescending outlook?

Older people aren’t incapable of learning new things. Quite a lot of them have actually said and proved that they’re open to learning about the wacky new trends kids come up with and that they don’t know everything there is to know.

More people now know that there are new forms of music and art that the younger generations care and know more about and even if they’re not making the conscious effort to learn, they don’t deride them, at least.

We know you may think we’re harping on this for no reason. You might even be a bit taken back we’re all against Hossam Hosny on this one, but his reaction was especially disappointing for us.

See, this man was considered one of the 90’s more unusual acts. He was mocked relentlessly for his music and his entire look and feel. And he went on to do the very same thing to Wegz when he got the chance, completely missing the point of “treat others the way you wish to be treated“.

Now, we’re not saying people can’t have opinions or that everyone is obliged to like trap music. You’re entitled to your opinion and you’re entitled to hate trap with every ounce of your being. Just don’t deride the creators or mock their work and pretend to know better when you don’t.

We can agree to disagree. Just don’t be awful about the way you disagree.