Egyptian actress turned TV host Entesar has been causing a lot of controversy since she discussed the issue of porn on her new talk show “Nafsana.”  The show is almost the same idea as The View, where they have 3 women discussing some issues and having 3 opinions up for discussion. The first episode was mainly discussing porn, and Entesar took the role of being pro-porn and was claiming that it’s educational, and helps with the youth’s sexual frustration.

Porn has been causing plenty of problems in the Egyptian government, and they’ve attempted several times to ban it – even with it costing millions of dollars. The government has even been more vocal about their attack on porn, probably more than terrorism.

Before we get to talk about Entesar’s opinions on porn, let’s state some facts to put Egypt’s real problems into perspective. UN reports say that 99.3% of women in Egypt experienced harassment. Let’s not forget the unknown number of rapes, because rape victims aren’t saved by the laws and risk more harassment with the “testing” the government makes. Let’s not forget the most important fact, which is that Egypt is the second most country that views porn.

Now back to Entesar. She will be trialed for blasphemy on the 10th of November for her comments that said “Single men should cool off with watching porn instead of sinning.” The actress also said “Watching porn is beneficial and educational because the youth don’t know what to do before they get married.” She also had a strong opinion on opposing the ban of porn, and did admit to watching porn regularly.

Discussing porn and sex are taken more seriously than other serious problems that are represented in media, such as harassment, inaccurate reporting, and slandering others.

Legalities are taken against Entesar, yet none were taken against Tamer Amin, who promoted harassment multiple times and even harassed the women he has interviewed. No action is taken against Ahmed Mousa, who showed a video game as false footage, which could’ve caused a diplomatic crisis.  No action was taken against El-Sobky when he cursed El-Ebrashy on live TV. Maybe if Entesar was a man, no action would’ve been taken because it wouldn’t be so scandalous as a woman talking about a taboo topic.

As for everyone who’s suing her, claiming she’s ruining Egypt’s reputation, let’s be real here. You all watch porn. If this wasn’t the truth, we wouldn’t be #2 on the list. It’s time to stop viewing sex as a taboo, and be honest with ourselves. As for the government, it’s about time to learn that what you’re trying to ban and oppress will always be what your nation needs.