We’re compiling a list of the world’s 10 most overrated phenomena in 2014. Here is No.2.

Amr Waked & Scarlett Johansson


First of all, I didn’t even like the movie. Egyptians made a huge fuss about it because Amr Waked kissed Scarlett Johansson!
It’s totally acceptable to exaggerate; I personally wish I could shake hands with her or maybe give her a kiss on the cheek one day!

The AWAITED kiss lasted for ONE SECOND !

A month ago, a friend told me “Ana nazelt el film 3ashan el bossa w fel akher tel3et SANIA WA7DA.. ya3ny ana a3od  sa3at banazel film 3ashan a one second scene? da eh el habal da?????”

That’s how EXAGGERATED the Egyptian reaction was!

Benmout fel avwara e7na 🙂