Your best pals are your treasure; they’re precious and they make your life way better. Sometimes you wish to murder them, but all of the time you will kill for them.

Having one best friend is way cool, two is so much fun, but what if you have a pack of best friends? It will always be all of you against the world no question about it, but for sure there is a catch.

Below are the 9 struggles of having a large group of friends

1. How will we fit in one car? 


The answer is always yes! Let the fight over the front seat begin.

2. Who’s gonna drive? 


Though probably everyone owns a car, it’s always better to let your friend do the driving and worry about the parking. So when this question is asked, that’s when the pointing fingers game starts, or the e3mel mn banha one.

 3. Where to go

The Parliament takes decisions easier and faster than a big number of friends deciding where to go!

4. Finding an adequate place for our number


Most probably going anywhere ends up in the manager of the place asking us -not so politely- to leave!

5. When someone goes to the hospital


Well friends have duties, don’t they? And our duty requires that our sick friend finds us around her as soon as she opens her eyes. Literally!

6. Secrets? No, sir 


It’s never meant to be in a bad way, but no secrets can be kept between a circle of friends!

7. The crime of taking a photo 


‘wait for me’ ‘wait for me’ ……..and that was the story of a picture.

8. When someone breaks up


9. When the group wins in any kind of competition



10. When someone the group doesn’t like comes in


11. When you plan to travel together  10262162_10154504459561840_6597744502584331234_n