So Eid vacation is over (a moment of silence). But of course, it wouldn’t be an authentic Eid vacation without a trip, or a couple of trips to the movie theater.

We tried to help you choose which movie to watch before Eid, but because we are religious movie-goers, we went to all of them.

And just like we always do, we couldn’t help but detect a pattern or two, or in this year’s case, a whole lot of patterns.

Here are the most obvious ones:

1. Action Overdose

It seems as if action is some sort of a trend or a calling for the Egyptian movie industry right now.

Out of 5 Eid movies, three were hardcore, fast-paced action thrillers; namely El Mammar, Casablanca, and Hamlet Pharaon.

We didn’t really need to see the movies to spot this trend, we caught up on that one from the trailer, oops we mean trailer(s).

2. Car chases, because obviously!

What’s an action movie without a dozen car chases, motorcycle chases, and well… any kind of “chases” really.

Counterpoint: How about we introduce helicopter chases to the mix, you know, for a change of scenery.

3. Look out; they’ve ALL got guns!

So we get it; THIS IS AN ACTION MOVIE. And people are chasing each other and killing each other and all of that.


But for real though, the amount of handguns, shotguns, and all kinds of guns pulled in pretty much every movie this Eid made us feel left out for not having guns ourselves.

4. What is plot even?

Because the “action theme” was the main focus of this Eid season, something -some might say is pretty important- was overlooked in the movie-making process.

What was that thing again… oh yeah, the PLOT of the STORY.

While watching pretty much any given movie of these new five Eid ones, you’ll find yourself lost in the lines of the story, disconnected from the characters, and confused on some of the events.

5. Find the women, I dare ya!

Something that was VERY noticeable in pretty much all of the posters is that they’re quite male-dominant and have few to no women in them. Just a whole bunch of dudes.

Except in the case of Mohamed Saad’s movie “Mohamed Hussein” and Ramez Galal’s Movie “Sab3 El Bromba”, it is just a whole bunch of Mohamed Saad and Ramez Galal themselves.

6. Have you heard, we have got foreigners

So while it’s great to have actors and actresses from all over the world make appearances in our movies, it seems just a teeny bit odd that two of this Eid’s movies have foreign stars in them.

Or in Hamlet Pharaon’s case more than one.
Could it be just all coincidental?

These patterns were the most in-your-face noticeable ones. In honor of this year’s “thriller” theme, we’ll let you detect the rest on your own.

Don’t forget to tell us in the comments!