Who doesn’t check Instagram and Pintrest for the latest trends of fashion and beauty…practically everybody. Electronic fashion is prevailing and giving way to sexy, smart and funky ladies around the world to start up fashion blogs. Here some of the best we found.

A Beautiful Mess

It is a general lifestyle blog, the founders, Elsie and Emma, often feature outfit posts that document their everyday styles. Their style is artsy, vintage, and delightfully eclectic. It is a fun and engaging blog.

…Love Maegan

A smart and witty blog offering inside into living in a big city and how to dress for it; Maegan is progressive, stylish and often take fashion risks that are unique and surprising…definitely a blog to follow and love. 

Kendi Everyday

The blogger is a young woman who owns a small boutique, so you can imagine how knowledgeable she is with the dos and don’ts, what is new and latest fades. The blog is up to date and funky.

Love, Lenore

The founder is a young and smart woman who is a contributor in Lucky Magazine; Jacy writes a great series every month where she remixes an article of clothing and shows different ways to wear it.

The Caffeinated Closet

She’s an expert on how to dress as a young fashionable professional, and her personality is truly charming. For all you petite girls out there, she can show you how to wear clothing that complements your figure. For a closer look at her distinctive sense of style,

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